Excerpt from Tethered

I am so excited to be able to say that I finished writing Tethered after midnight on Tuesday morning. I sat back, clicked “save” and looked around the room like I had been somewhere else for a while. I really have been somewhere else…lost in my characters and their story. There are still revisions to make and lots of polishing up to do, but I wrote a book! And there are plenty more stories and characters rattling around inside this mind of mine. I’m not quite ready to leave Arc and Celeste’s world, but I have many other stories to tell and it makes me supremely satisfied to feel this burning addiction to storytelling.

Here is another excerpt: (Thanks for reading these and for all of the great feedback!)

In what she considered a potentially very stupid move, Celeste looked over her shoulder to see the man making great long strides with a fierce hunter’s look on his face. She actually sobbed out loud. This was so not good.

“Arc, please. Come and find me!” She said it out loud with tears forming in her eyes. She was about to break out in an actual run when a hand clamped down over her shoulder and her mouth at the same time, preventing that well planned scream for help. She still had the pepper spray in her hand and she twisted around with so much force that she loosened his grip enough to bite his hand. This surprised him and she twisted away far enough to get out a burst of pepper spray in his general direction. The stream of spray didn’t hit his nose or eyes directly, so there wasn’t much stopping power with the defense. And unfortunately, he seemed even more interested now, the thrill of her fighting back wetting his appetites. Bile rose in Celeste’s throat and her headache threatened to send her to the ground. She felt like the world was tilting and rotating around her. Why isn’t there anyone else on the street to help me?

He grabbed her again and pushed her with so much force that she flew into the alley they were walking by and she stumbled to the ground. This time she got a good long scream out which elicited a hard, backhanded slap from her assailant. She saw nothing but bright light for a split second and then when she could see again she looked up at him and saw, for the first time, his large, shiny knife.

Then it seemed like the whole world exploded around her as her eyes were blinded by a white light accompanied by the most intensely crippling pain her brain had ever endured. Celeste was sure she was dying, that the murderer had sliced her throat or stabbed her in the face with his horrible knife. She couldn’t imagine ever surviving pain of this magnitude. The headache that had plagued her since she got to New Mexico was going to be the disabling factor that lead to her death. Unable to defend herself, she was certain that this was the end. Miraculously, the light faded to reveal that she was seemingly alone and she looked around her. What is that humming noise? Celeste lifted her hand to her head. The pain had been replaced by a drone of noises that she couldn’t place.

Unbelievably, her attacker wasn’t there anymore, threatening to kill her. Could she dare to hope that he was gone? Celeste shook her head feeling dazed but no longer in such horrid pain. She was panting and still lying on the street, but she wasn’t cut or bleeding. It was after a quick assessment of her condition that she warily looked around to get her bearings and twenty feet away she saw the strangest thing she had ever seen. The taxi driver was lying on his back, his panicked, flailing limbs held out in an “X” pattern and Arc was kneeling on his chest, head thrust back, mouth open and a serene look on his beautiful face.

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