Excerpt #2 From the Prologue of Tethered

Lying on the ground in his long dark coat, looking up at the sky, expecting to die at any moment, even though he knew that wasn’t possible, slow recognition began to creep into his mind. This pain was familiar. He had felt this before but realizing that did not make him feel any better. In fact, it enraged him. As the pain subsided again, a new sensation replaced it. An itch. An insatiable, infuriating itch behind his forehead, deep in his brain. This time he cried out, not in pain, but with terrifying anger. He slammed his fists and forearms into the earth beside him to propel himself back into a standing position and glared into the night, allowing himself to feel the itch spread from a pinprick sensation to the size of a dime and then a quarter and then it was in his entire brain. He knew the only way to really scratch it was to open up to what was trying to force its way in. But this he refused to do.

He absolutely despised the fact that she had found her way back into his brain. For years he had built the wall, brick by brick, kill by kill and the wall had never been breached, until tonight. Rage festered and oozed within him. She no longer belonged in his life, in his world. It had been a long, long time since he had known her and he wasn’t ever letting her in again. Never. He would never allow it.

And then, as if he had no choice, there she was…in his mind whispering his name with her beautiful, angelic, human voice. He swore aloud. He couldn’t remember how to keep her out once she was there, but he could put an end to her life. That would do the trick. He smiled a crazy, ferocious smile as he scratched the space between his eyes and let out a low, animal snarl. Finally, he would find the will to finish what he could never finish before.

And then there were just the two bodies, the smoking fire and a cool Rocky Mountain breeze. The ghost of his snarl lifted up and away on the tendrils of smoke.

2 thoughts on “Excerpt #2 From the Prologue of Tethered

  1. Ann says:

    This really wowed..

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