Synopsis of SOUL SICK

Tethered received a reworking…or two…or three…for many months. I changed the plot about 500 times; made Celeste a Harley riding, booze swilling bad ass, then decided she was just a loner; made Arc and Celeste strangers; made them mysteriously drawn to each other; and rewrote Tethered (about 60 pages) 8 times. Just as I resigned myself to shelving the whole project and moving on to another, I discovered the heart of my story and away I went.

The result is SOUL SICK. More action, more mystery, more interesting characters and a very satisfied Lia.

This is my synopsis, as I imagine it on the back cover. What do you think?

What if vampires, werewolves, and the boogeyman were mere child’s play compared to the actual fiend responsible for our nightmares? Celeste Daily knows the truth. She spent her youth ensconced in Dark Harbor, a tiny island in the churning sea off the coast of Maine, shrouded in perpetual fog, and laden with secrets and monsters—literally. Ten years ago, upon exile from the island, Celeste sought refuge in the New Mexico desert, where she is now battling a mysterious fatal illness that has her doctors baffled. Celeste’s only desire before she dies is to hunt down the man who murdered her mother two decades ago. Does Celeste have the courage to summon Arc, her estranged lover with unusual abilities, to help her infiltrate the island they both grew up on and find her mother’s killer?

As Celeste races to unravel the clues to find the killer, her situation quickly spirals into a complicated web of mysteries when an arresting stranger entrusts Celeste with a seemingly magical book that sings to her; and a disarming visage of a frightening stranger haunts her wherever she goes. Celeste’s life has always been rife with the paranormal, so these events shouldn’t surprise her, but they do manage to distract her from her vengeance.

To make things more confusing, Arc is treating Celeste with contempt; but he agrees to help her if she assists him in overthrowing his tyrannical father, once they return to Dark Harbor. Celeste’s homecoming offers shocking revelations about her past that set a war into motion—a war that Celeste will surely not witness, if Arc honors her dying request to take her life.

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Enter one of the unique, often odd, worlds that I love to write about. My writing is sometimes dark, sometimes light, often hinges on the paranormal and is always exciting…to me.  Check back soon to read postings of some of my current projects. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to say that you “read Lia Angelini’s blog back then.”

ps- the header image is a picture of the full moon in January of 2012 from my backyard. I froze my butt off to take that picture–it took about 20 shots–and it just so happens to be a personal favorite.